ArcMate Voyager Portable CNC Cutter

More wider, More stronger, More precise, Military quality!

Every once in a while a product is introduced that changes the world. The purpose of the ArcMate Voyager CNC Prototyping System is to do just that. Based on all the excellent features of ArcMate Deluxe NC cutter, ArcMate Voyager Nc cutter has many amazing performance .the New ArcMate Voyager Nc cutter will make a great revolution on the cutting metal area !!

The New ArcMate Voyager is designed to change the way you make parts in your home, school or small fabrication shop. It is designed to be versatile, mobile and easy to use. It is designed to bring CNC Plasma Cutting, CNC Flame Cutting to you in one tight little package. Everyone want to use the portable machine has a high plasma precise cutting. That time has come. ArcMate Voyager, the portable high precise time coming.

The ArcMate-Voyager standard cutting area is 1,500X3,000 mm ,Max cutting area can reach 2,000X15,000 mm. ArcMate Voyager keep continuing plug and play ,Simple operation.

Before releasing from our factory, every set of ArcMate Voyager will be tested 5X24 hours .Confirm every machine can have a best performance for our customer. Whole-hearted service every customer