Portable Gantry Nc Cutter

ArcMate X Portable Gantry Nc Cutter

When customers need a complete turn-key system that can handle heavy-duty use, More important, they want to cut more than 3.0 meter width plate, the ArcMate X is the answer. During cutting more than 3.0 meter plate in the width, Whether it is cutting thick or thin plate using plasma or oxy-fuel the ArcMate X will do it with power, speed,and accuracy. The ArcMate X includes your choice of a built in automatic water table or downdraft system and is available in sizes up to a 12 x 60 foot cutting surface area. The ArcMate X is a full-scale industrial grade production machine.

The ArcMate X product is very competitively priced – its features put it on par with machines costing two to three times as much. With included the cutting software, the buyers of a ArcMate X will be up and running and making high quality products in a short amount of time.

The ArcMate X includes the integrated steel gantry and our high performance servo motor system. The servo motor system is capable of traverse speeds over 1500 inches per minute, cut speeds up to 500 inches per minute and is gearbox driven.


CNC Controller:

ArcMate X integrates a completely new version of CNC controller with many new features:
  • High Memory for Users’ Programs
  • Built-in Library of Commonly Used Figures
  • Break-point & Power-cut Restoration
  • Returning to Reference Point
  • Kerf compensation
  • Revolving
  • Mirror image

Machine Size

  • 2.5X2.0M to 2.5X6.0

Table Type

  • Gantry Kit or Turn-Key Machine


  • Steel fabricated gantry with dual x-axis drive
  • Precision y-axis linear guide—the ultimate in accuracy and durability
  • Precision ground x-axis guide rails

Electronics/Motion System

  • Two X-axis 86 in. stepper motors or two in. servo motors
  • One Y-axis 86 in stepper motor or one in servo motor
  • 8 amp micro stepping or servo drives

User Controls

  • NC Controller based control software with USB interface


  • Approximately 300kg for 2.5X2.0 system

Input Power

  • 15 amp/ 220 volt for controls
  • 110 volt models available for international customers

Cutting Area

  • 2.0X1.5M to 2.0X5.5M

Cutting Capacity

  • 2”+ thick plate
  • Up to 13 in. thick (Tool dependent)

Drive System

  • Rack and pinion with 40:1 low backlash gearbox reduction

Traverse Speed

  • Up to 1500 ipm

Cut Speed

  • Up to 500 ipm

Machine Resolution

  • Approximately 0.15MM

Flame and Plasma support both

Available Plasma Units

Compatible with most plasma cutters

Thermal Dynamics

  • Auto Cut Series
  • Ultra Cut Series
  • Manual Systems
  • Cutmaster A Series
  • Drag-Gun Plus


  • Powermax Series

Standard Software

  • FastCAM Pro, MTC ,and so on .
  • Accepts any .dxf or G-code


  • Full 1 year warranty on electronics, parts, and software
  • Lifetime unlimited free technical support