ArcMate Scout Portable Nc Cutter

The most economical Nc cutter ,stable and endurable !!

Most people who have a need for a CNC cutting machine are metal fabricators, who given enough time, could probably design and build the mechanical part of a coordinate drive cutting machine. However, just because you may be capable of doing something doesn’t necessarily make it the most economical decision. While the physical machines may look simple, it took us hundreds of hours of experimentation, construction of prototypes, and modifications before we felt they were ready for the public. Since then, our machines have undergone further refinements based on customer feedback and suggestions.

Spending hundreds of hours of your time and ending up with an inferior machine with no warranty is false economy. The time would be better spent using the machine to do what you intend it to do. Those who want to save money by doing part of the fabrication can do so by purchasing our ArcMate-Scout CNC Nc Cutter. The ArcMate-Scout was our original offering to small shops that could benefit from the CNC process but could not justify the high cost of commercial units on the market at the time.

The ArcMate-Scout allows those on a tight budget to benefit from all the advantages of CNC plasma cutting. The ArcMate-Scout CNC Cutting System will do much of the work in your shop 50 to 100 times faster than that you’re currently spending through manual cutting or the use of dated metal cutting tools. The time necessary to complete the ArcMate-Scout kit and fabricate your rail system is only approximately 20 minutes!! Essentially, you are exchanging your labor for big savings.

The ArcMate-Scout standard cutting area is 1,200X2,000mm, Max cutting area can reach 1,500X15,000mm. Only requiring basic metal fabrication skills, you construct and assemble the entire machine from steel you purchase locally with low cost. This saves big in shipping expenses. We provide whole plans, cutting software, electronics, all the brackets, control unit, cutting rails, for the project. You just assemble all the parts together, the machine will work for you. Unlike the other CNC (NC) cutting machine, which needs the professional techniques support, ArcMate-Scout is very simple to be installed .truly plug and play machine.


While manufacturers of CNC cutting machines try to make their instructions as clear and understandable as possible, chances are that you will at one time or another need to call for technical support. Make sure you don’t have to pay for it. You are paying several thousand dollars for someone’s product. You have the right to assistance if you need it. It is good to know that there is someone who is only a telephone call away that can answer any question that might come up. Original ArcMate purchasers receive unlimited free mailing or calling or on-line technical support for as long as they own the machine.

It is not uncommon for ArcMate owners to run their machines 8-10 hours per day, 365 days per year. The ArcMate-Scout has permitted thousands of customers to realize the precision and efficiency of CNC production that once was thought to be out of reach.