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ArcMate Voyager Portable Plasma Cutting Machine

This video, taken by our ArcMate R&D team in factory Beijing,China,
The ArcMate Voyager portable plasma cutting machine is matched the high performance servo cutting system,
 it is the leading portable style cutting machine in the world !!

ArcMate Scout Portable CNC Cutting Machine

the ArcMate Scout flame and plasma cutting machine is the best seller machine in the world.
the video is for the circle cutting using the plasma power source,smooth cutting,economical cost.
ArcMate Deluxe Portable CNC Cutting Machine

The ArcMate Deluxe Portable CNC Cutting Machine is the high performance with the friendly designing.Enhance and Endurable ! 

ArcMate IronHide Metal Plate CNC cutting machine

ArcMate IronHide is special for cutting thin plate using plasma power source, the thickness is 0.3-5mm !!

ArcMate THC Cutting System

ArcMate Plasma THC (AVC) is a kind of auto height controller, it can protect the torch ,during cutting, the torch can be adjusted due to the face of plate,
Fine plasma cutting needs match ArcMate auto height controller.
Product Details

Compare the traditional Oxy-Gas cutting ,The ArcMate Gasoline Cutting Torch has many features to save your time, and save your money.