Table CNC Cutting Machine

Cut thin plate only 0.3mm-6mm !!

ArcMate IronHide CNC Cutting Machine is designed for thin metal sheet cutting used. Instead of using laser or the cutting scissors for sheet metal cutting, plasma is applied as the cutter in the ArcMate IronHide CNC Cutting Machine. ArcMate IronHide CNC Cutting Machine is an ideal machine for sign-making plate metal cutting, HVAC sheet metal cutting.


1. Small kerf, precise cutting, no cutting residue avoiding complementary reworking

2. Compatible with most common cutting software

3. All DXF or DWG (as AutoCAD, Solidwork, Coreldraw…) design program can be read by the handy controller directly.

Technical Data

Power 1000 W
Input Voltage 220V/110V
Frequency 50 Hz/60 Hz
Cutting Speed 0~9000mm/min
Cutting Thickness 0.3mm-6mm
Cutting table overall dimensions 2970 mm×2030 mm×1220 mm
Effective cutting area 2500 mm×1300 mm
Program transmission USB

If you want to more details about the ArcMate IronHide CNC Cutting Machine , here is the ArcMate IronHide Brochure: DownLoad, just mail us directly :