Portable CNC Cutting Machine

High Performance CNC Cutting System, Portable, Easy To Use!

The ArcMate Potable CNC cutting system is designed to be a portable, cost-effective production machine. She is designed as a dual-use platform. This standard package unites CNC gas cutting and CNC plasma cutting. The CNC technology is now affordable, portable and easy to use. The ArcMate Portable CNC Cutting machine is favorable for the small shop owner for the DIY designing, as well as for the big factory having a cutting scrap cutting after the Bigger Gantry CNC machine working, so this style machine can save your time and save your money.


Support Flame & Plasma 

32M Memory Supports Nesting! 

Portable & Lightweight 

Perfect Anti-Plasma Noise Plan 

Good Quality & Smooth Edge! 

1. ArcMate Scout Series

2010 sales champion!!

She is the best stably CNC cutting system by now.

The standard machine is 1,200X2, 000mm.

It has been sold over 3,000 sets all over the country, so the ArcMate Scout-series is the “2010 sales champion”.

Technical Parameters

Rated Power 185W
Gross weight 80.5kg
Cutting capacity(Flame) 15-150mm
Effect cutting range X:1200mm, Y:2000mm,Z:Auto sensing
Cutting mode Flame or Plasma
Compulsive gas Oxygen
Compulsive gas pressure Max. pressure:1.5MPa
Cutting speed 0-600mm/min(Flame),0-6000mm/min(Plasma)
Working Voltage 220V AC/110V AC,60/50Hz
Torch Height Control THC
CAM software Fast CAM or MTC or IBE

2. ArcMate Deluxe Series

The wider range plant cutting, cut as well as 2.0M width !!

The ArcMate Deluxe is totally shielded with mu-metal, therefore the ArcMate CNC cutting machine is fully compatible flame and plasma cutter. This shielding protecting the sensitive electronics parts from the high frequency electromagnetic radiations induced by any plasma cutter. For the width beam, the newest linear motion guide is used, so the vibration during cutting is disappeared .Deluxe Series can offer a smooth cutting performance for your requirement. Be equipped with the new style THC, the ArcMate Deluxe series cutting system can have a best cutting edge.

Technical Parameters

Rated Power 160W
Electric Power 220AC/110AC, 60/50Hz
Effective Cutting Range Standard size : 1.5mX2.5m 

Customized size:

Width: 1.5m,1.8m,2.2m

Length: 3.5m,4.5m,5.5m…15.0m

1.5mX2.5m Machine Net weight 110kg
Gross weight 160kg
Packing In 2 plywood boxes

Cutting Parameters

Modes of Cutting
Plasma Flame
Cutting Speed 0-6000mm/min 0-1000mm/min
Cutting Thickness Depending on the plasma power source 6mm-150mm
Torch Height Control(optional) Automatic voltage sensing THC
Compatibility Favorable all major brands plasma Built-in oxy-fuel torch with propane nozzle(acetylene nozzles can be provided on request)

If you want to more details about the ArcMate Portable CNC Cutting Machine, just mail us directly : info@arcmatecnc.com