Plasma Cutters

How a plasma cutter works

Plasma cutters work by sending an electric arc through a gas that is passing through a constricted opening. The gas can be shop air, nitrogen, argon, oxygen. etc. This elevates the temperature of the gas to the point that it enters a 4th state of matter. We all are familiar with the first three: i.e., solid, liquid, and gas. Scientists call this additional state plasma. As the metal being cut is part of the circuit, the electrical conductivity of the plasma causes the arc to transfer to the work.

The restricted opening (nozzle) the gas passes through causes it to squeeze by at a high speed, like air passing through a venturi in a carburetor. This high speed gas cuts through the molten metal. The gas is also directed around the perimeter of the cutting area to shield the cut.

In many of today’s better plasma cutters, a pilot arc between the electrode and nozzle is used to ionize the gas and initially generate the plasma prior to the arc transfer.

Other methods that have been used are touching the torch tip to the work to create a spark, and the use of a high-frequency starting circuit (like a spark plug). Neither of these latter two methods is compatible with CNC (automated) cutting.

Plasma cutting is a vital process for any metal fabrication shop. Unlike oxy-fuel, plasma can cut stainless steel, aluminum, and brass, as well as mild steel.

1. Hypertherm Plasma Cutter – World’s leader in plasma cutting technology !!

Hypertherm, Inc. USA founded in 1968, is the world’s leading brand of plasma cutting technology. Nearly 40 years of research and development experiences, Hypertherm developed several patents; various cutting technologies revolved and played important role in different era.

2. Thermadyne Plasma Cutter- World’s economic plasma source based on the high technology!!

Thermal Dynamics has been in operation for over five decades and is as a pioneer in plasma cutting systems.

Thermal Dynamics’ plasma arc cutting systems can be used to cut virtually any material, from light gauge to 4″ (9.6 cm) thick, and range from highly portable 110V units for HVAC work to the most sophisticated high speed, high definition plasma cutting systems for high precision fabrication.

3. Supply Domestic Plasma Cutter:

During many years development, Chinese Domestic Plasma Cutter has a great promotion under the government support, now it has better quality to do the heavy cutting works, the more important, the Chinese Domestic Plasma Cutter has a good performance and high quality-price-ratio.

Feature and Benefits

1. Portable design and simple operation, suitable for cutting thin plate.
2. Smooth cutting surface, and small defomation.
3. This CUT is operated using compressed air as Plasma; no Pollution and Economical. Cutting speed on the same thick steel plate, 3 times faster than flame cutting; one-Third cost, fast cutting speed on metal below 30mm thickness.
4. Applicable to cut on all materials such as Carbon Steel, Aluminum, Copper, Zinc, Clad Metal, Cast Iron and so on.
5. Metal/Plastic shell available for CUT.

Technical Data

Model Item CUT-40 CUT-60 CUT-90
Rated Input Voltage(V) (AC)220V/110V (AC3)380V/220V (AC3)380V/220V
Rated Input Capacity(A) 4.8 8 15
Rated Input Current(A) 21.9 12.2 23
Rated No-load Voltage (V) 240 260 270
Output Current Range (A) 20-40 20-60 20-100
Rated Duty Cycle (%) 60 60 60
Efficiency (%) 83-88 85 85
Power factor 0.93 0.93 0.93
Insulation Class F F F
Weight(kg) 8.7 22 50
Dimensions (mm) 390x165x310 520x220x420 540x283x500

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