Gasoline Cutting Torch

The best way to cut steel!

ArcMate Gasoline Cutting Torch is a safe and powerful way to cut steel. It’s a solid, proven technology that delivers every advantage over other oxy-fuel systems.

Features and benefits:

  • It makes incredible cuts.
  • The fuel is always available.
  • It’s the safest torch ever made.
  • Much more economical to use.
  • Reduces airborne contaminants.
  • More portable and safer to transport.
  • It is built to last for decades.

1. ArcMate Handheld Oxy-Gasoline Torch

ArcMate Handheld Oxy-Gasoline Torch Standard Package is a solid workhorse for cutting steel.

It contains everything you need to cut steel except for oxygen and oxygen regulator.

The oxy-gasoline torch reduces costs by its more effective operation. The cost of operating supplies is lower. The system is safer because of the impossibility of backflash and because of the visual identification of leaks.

The package contains:

  • Torch, 20 inch 90 degree head (Different lengths and head angles are available.
  • Fuel tank, capacity 10.0L
  • 3 Cutting tips (sizes of your choice. See cutting tip guide below.)
  • Gasoline hose assembly, 20 feet
  • Oxygen hose assembly, 25 feet
  • Oxygen backflash arrester
  • Spark Striker
  • Reference Manual

Cutting Tip Selection Guide

Steel Thickness(MM) Tip Size
3-10 30.1#
10-20 30.2#
20-30 30.3#
10-25 100.1#
30-50 100.2#
50-100 100.3#
100-150 300.1#
150-200 300.2#
200-250 300.3#
250-300 300.4#

2. ArcMate Rescue Oxy-Gasoline Torch

ArcMate Rescue Oxy-Gasoline Torch is a completely self-contained cutting system. It includes both fuel and oxygen cylinders.
We recommend this setup for short-term steel cutting where portability is important.

The Rescue Oxy-Gasoline Torch will cut 1/4-inch steel for 25 minutes; 1-inch steel for 13minutes; 4-inch steel for five minutes. The fuel tank holds 1.5 quarts of fuel, which will last for about 1.5 hours of non-stop cutting. Cutting time is limited by oxygen supply.

Rescue personnel can cut steel faster and safer with easily available fuel–regular liquid gasoline.
All the same safety features of the Standard ArcMate Rescue Unit are built together. And, of course, the same durability and guarantee of quality. The ArcMate Rescue Oxy-Gasoline Cutting System can be carried as a back-pack. Loaded weight is less than 45 pounds.

The package contains:

  • 1 pcs cutting torch with 3 cutting tips
  • Fuel tank, capacity 1.5L/0.4 gallon
  • 3 Cutting tips (sizes of your choice. See cutting tip guide below.)
  • 1 Carbon fiber oxygen tank (6.8 liters, for 20 minutes cutting)
  • Spark Striker
  • 1 oxygen regulator, gasoline and oxygen hoses;
  • 1 PVC Back Rack
  • Reference Manual

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