Plasma Cnc Drill Line Fabricates Rings Around Conventional Beam Lines.

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Plasma Cnc Drill Line Fabricates Rings Around Conventional Beam Lines

How Advanced Plasma Cutting Is Replacing the Drill LineThe productivity of structural steel fabrication is quite dependent on the path the workpiece travels as it goes from raw steel inventory to eventual loading on a truck going to the job website. Each and every time the workpiece is “touched” adds delay and price to the final finished beam, channel or angle. Touches take place by:
– Measuring and marking the workpiece to
program cuts, – Moving the workpiece from 1 workstation to a different, – Flipping the workpiece to access the opposite side for cutting/drilling, – Moving in and out of the workpath although waiting for a machine to turn into obtainable, – Actually cutting, coping, drilling, notching or marking the workpiece.

A steel section with a dozen or so bolt holes and cut to length has minimal “touches” involving measuring and marking, a go to towards the bandsaw, then the beam drill line . . . then you are accomplished. On the other hand, lots of fabricated sections are considerably a lot more complicated than that. As an example, complete fabrication lately carried out on an 96″ W16x31 structural beam involved thirty five unique operations All those operations involve a great deal of “touching.” But they also involve just a whole lot of time basically making the cuts. Or do they ?

Within the initially case, the “high touch” path is often a predominantly manual approach. The structural section has to be measured and marked, then cut on the bandsaw. Afterwards, there’s a lot of “manual” drilling (admittedly making use of a heavy duty drill press) and significant thermal cutting to create the copes and flange flush cuts, plus hammer stamping to make the nine letter piece marks. The total time required to perform these operations was estimated to be 120 minutes. Nonetheless as a result of the transport involved and the delay in queue at a variety of stations, the clock time would cover two shifts – about two days at most shops.

Second, a far more updated and automated path was followed to create the beam. This involved cutting the piece to length on the bandsaw, then shuttling it to a CNC drill line to create the thirteen bolt holes and 3 slots. The newer beam drill lines can probe the beam to ascertain location and dimensions, then make the holes based on instructions determined by specialized software program. After that, issues slow down fairly a bit. The remaining attributes have to be measured and marked on the piece just before cuttingbegins. The remaining fabricating is completed by hand coping torch, plate burning machine, and stamping inside the piecemark letters. The total time for this approach is 82 minutes. But, when factoring within the time necessary to transfer the workpiece between stations and waiting in queue at those stations, the total clock time stretches out to consume most of an 8 hour shift.

Lastly the piece was actually fabricated on a brand new and revolutionary approach. Every single single feature was produced on a single machine – the PythonX robotic thermal plasma cutting technique. Employing this approach, there is no want for any measuring or marking at all. The robot arm probes the beam for location and geometery, then follows intelligently derived cutting directions it calculates from software files of the workpiece downloaded into the machine’s operator control from programs like TEKLA, SD/2,StruCAD and other people.PythonX starts cutting the section and doesn’t quit until it is carried out . . . 10 minutes and 13 seconds later. All attributes are produced in this time and also the beam is completed. There is certainly no time lost in moving the piece or waiting in queue, so the time from start-to-finish is not per day, or a shift . . . it is the time necessary for a normal coffee break.

Furthermore, it’s critical to note that the PythonX technique produces a lot more than just beams. Channels, angles, hollow square tube, plate . . . pretty considerably any piece applied in steel construction can be cost-effectively produced in a single pass on the PythonX. Structural fabricators are an enterprising and tenacious bunch. They’ll take the shortest path they can discover to lower total expense and attain lean manufacturing. They’re obtaining that path runs through this new technology robotic plasma cutting machine.

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