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           With NC Machine tool And processing centers, the growing reputation of the application of effective equipment, within the aerospace,
automotive, high-speed trains, wind power, Electronic, Power, tooling as well as other equipment driven by the unprecedented development of
the manufacturing market, cutting has entered a high-speed, effective, and Environmental protection To mark a new period of development of
high-speed machining? Modern day cutting technologies stage. High-speed cutting, dry machining and tough turning as an vital development in
the current trend of cutting technology, its essential position and role has grow to be increasingly prominent.
        These advanced cuttingtechnologies, not merely makes processing efficiency is improved tremendously also actually push the product
development and procedureinnovation method. As an example, tough supplies, precision mold cavity, high speed and smaller feed and snacks
processing, is usually
incredibly high surface top quality, but also can save the grinding, EDM and hand polishing method or minimize the time corresponding to
shorten the production procedure and improve productivity. In the past some organizations creating complicated molds, they essentially need
three to 4 months to be delivered, and now, right after high-speed machining, half a month to complete. According to the survey, common tool
and die, machining, 60% of the amount accessible to achieve high-speed machining technology. High-speed machining, not just demands Tools
High reliability and excellent cutting performance, stable to chip breaking and chip paper, but also be able to reach high accuracy, and can
accomplish a fast change or automatic replacement. Thus, tool material, tool structure and tool clamping have put forward higher requirements.


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