ArcMate Deluxe Portable Nc Cutter

More wider, More stronger!

During Serial years ,the portable Nc Cutter become more and more perfect ,Many customers want to have a more wider and more precise cutting works using the simple cutting system , so we design a brand new style portable CNC cutting machine with our engineer team , the new style ArcMate Deluxe portable Nc cutter is more stronger and faster . Based on all the features of ArcMate Scout NC cutter, the New ArcMate Deluxe Nc cutter will make another revolution on the cutting metal area!!

Spending hundreds of hours of your time and ending up with an inferior machine with no warranty is false economy. The time would be better spent using the machine to do what you intend it to do. Those who want to save money by doing part of the fabrication can do so by purchasing our ArcMate-Deluxe CNC Nc Cutter. The ArcMate-Deluxe was our original offering to small shops that could benefit from the CNC process but could not justify the high cost of commercial units on the market at the time.

The ArcMate-Deluxe standard cutting area is 1,300X2,500mm, Max cutting area can reach 1,800X15,000mm. Only requiring basic metal fabrication skills, you construct and assemble the entire machine from steel you purchase locally with low cost. This saves big in shipping expenses. We provide whole plans, cutting software, electronics, all the brackets, control unit, cutting rails, for the project. you just assemble all the parts together, the machine will work for you . Unlike the other CNC (NC) cutting machine, which needs the professional techniques support, ArcMate-Deluxe is very simple to be installed .truly plug and play machine.

It is not uncommon for ArcMate Deluxe owners to run their machines 8-10 hours per day, 365 days per year. The ArcMate-Delxue has permitted thousands of customers to realize the precision and efficiency of CNC production that once was thought to be out of reach.