Beam Drill Lines Primer – PythonX or Peddinghaus

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Structural steel fabrication is the means of shaping heavy metal pieces – I-beams, hollow
structural tubes
along with the like in to the form required in buildingconstruction exactly where
considerable height and loads are involved. The essential technologies concerned is now becoming
categorized into two
groups: devoted “metal reducing metal” devices and flexible
“flame cutting”
techniques. The path selected has distinct implications for fab shop productivity
and profitability.

There are many organizations supplying fabrication systems to structural steel fab retailers, but
of these, the most set up agency is Peddinghaus. The Peddinghaus credo has been one of
specialization – dividing up the
numerous different features that need to be performed from the
fabricator into
unique groups after which configuring devices centered on the various
groups. The organic outcome has been groupings of gear that concentrate on performing distinct
features on chosen steel workpieces. This makes it possible for Peddinghaus devices to be really
efficient at the functions it truly is designed to perform. The allocating of tasks among
various devices will get all of the jobs accomplished, but using the price that any particular piece of
metal likely ought to be processed on numerous devices (sawing, drilling, torch cutting), which
extends thetotal
time for you to complete the jobs and provides transfers with the steel in between devices.

The “new kid on the block” in structural metal fabrication, fairly speaking, is
automated flame
cutting. This flame torch reducing has been employed for decades, but being an
instead of a handheld manual approach, it’s in its infancy. In this case, the
may be the familiar plasma arc – customarily utilised to chop metal plate . The plasma cutter
has been positioned inside the grip of a programmable industrial robot, which follows directions
about what and
how to cut based on a dedication produced by proprietary software. The
total program, known with the manufacturer name PythonX, will be the 1st in what seems is going to be an
more and more well-liked format of structural fabrication devices. The PythonX philosophy is to
convey the workpiece
totally via the machine’s “work envelope”, accomplishing every
necessary task: sawing, drilling, coping – even scribing alphanumeric characters – around the steel
beam from
start to end. A completed piece emerges from the PythonX, as opposed to having to
transport the workpiece from
one machine towards the subsequent to get all of the operations carried out.

The PythonX philosophy inverts the Peddinghaus philosophy on its head, by utilizing a single
cutting program to perform the function of 4 to five traditional devices in addition a manual torch
station. The
result is less funds and much less floorspace to host the combined structural
ability of those standard devices. Probably a lot more persuasive may be the truth
that this “one
machine does it all” philosophy removes several transfers of workpieces
among machines or “out-in-out” of stock even though waiting on machines to finish their
existing job. This decreases materials dealing with labor, and raises turns on working capital
given that metal beams do not again up among the various specialized devices.

To summarize, structural steel fabricators now have two unique philosophies with regard to
deployment of new fabrication
1. the classic “division of labor” approach refined by Peddinghaus more than numerous years,
many machines are highly specialized for maximum efficiency on the narrow assortment
duties, or
2. the “one device does it all” method pioneered by thermal cutting wherein a solitary
plasma cutter,
mixed with potent software program and industrial robotics, can complete all
necessary fabrication functions one appropriate following another. In several cases, there is certainly possibly
going to be a part for every fabrication philosophy path. Circumstances that entail a large
number of bolt holes drilled in metal beams do not contact for anything a lot more than a beam drill
line and bandsaw.
Alternatively, careers that entail much more complex steel sections –
copes, notches, flange flush cuts, piecemarks –
is going to be efficiently and totally processed
on the single robotic plasma reducing machine. Since the structural steel market adopts and
the newest thermal cutting machines like PythonX, the structural metal fabrication
market will ultimately determine. A lot more than most likely, it is going to conclude that there is a spot for
both of those technology philosophies, the “fit” becoming determined by the specifications and
goals of each and every person fabrication operation.


  1. Together with the whole thing that appears to be building throughout this particular area, a significant percentage of points of view are generally quite radical. In any event I did take pleasure in examining it.

  2. H. M. says:

    We have a Voortman V808M coping system in our fab shop and it is great quality! Much better then PhytonX or Peddinghaus I think.

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