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ArcMate Voyager Portable CNC Cutter

More wider, More stronger, More precise, Military quality ! Every once in a while a product is introduced that changes the world. The purpose of the SNR-ArcMate Voyager CNC Prototyping System is to do just that.

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ArcMate Scout Portable CNC Cutting Machine

The Best Seller. ArcMate Scout is a manure style Portable CNC Cutting Machine .It has widely used in all of the world, Increase your in-house production capacity with a ArcMate Portable CNC Cutting System today.

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ArcMate Deluxe Portable CNC Cutting Machine

In development for over few year, the ArcMate Deluxe model was an innovation to our ArcMate Portable CNC Cutting machine in a variety of ways including the easy to assemble bolt together option with construction and performance comparable to industrial CNC plasma cutting machines.

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ArcMate X Portable Gantry Nc Cutter

The ArcMate X includes the integrated steel gantry and our high performance servo motor system. The servo motor system is capable of traverse speeds over 1500 inches per minute, cut speeds up to 500 inches per minute and is gearbox driven.

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ArcMate IronHide CNC Cutting Machine

An ideal CNC Cutting Machine for sign marking, HVAC .it can cut plate from 0.3mm to 15mm when equipping the common air conditional plasma power source, it like a laser ,while with low cost ,ArcMate IronHide is a miracle in the welding and cutting area .

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ArcMate Gasoline Cutting Machine

A new generation of "Green Cutting Solution" energy saving and environmental protection products,Saving your Money, Powerful cutting speed... That is ArcMate Gasoline Cutting System .

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Plasma Cutters

Plasma cutting is a vital process for any metal fabrication shop. Unlike oxy-fuel, plasma can cut stainless steel, aluminum, and brass, as well as mild steel. A CNC cutting system is only as accurate as the plasma torch it guides.

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Sucess Stories

“We use you machine to cutting the ship steel, perfect performance,….”

“…We bought the ArcMate to do prototyping…we ended up using it in full on 8 hour a day production!”

“We recently purchased a ArcMate 4×8 cutting table & it is absolutely the best tool we have in the shop. I love the thing to death!”

“…it will pay for itself, just put it to work…we now use the same machine we bought 4 years ago and last year we added a 2nd machine…the product just keeps hammering it out!”

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